Self Discipline I

Self Discipline I
March 3, 2016 Sarah Omolola

I discovered that the thing I struggle with the most as a wife, mother, singer and aspiring author is self discipline. When I took stock of my life and  asked myself why I had unfinished projects, unaccomplished goals, ideas that I had not worked on, the answer I got was, lack of discipline.
All the talent, gifts, anointing or any potential in my life will amount nothing without self discipline. This realization made me decide to look at the bible and read all the verses I could find on self discipline.  I was  enlightened and I learned a few things I’ll like to share in a series of posts.
Self disciple is referred to as self control, temperance, sound judgement, sound mind and  sobriety, depending on the version of bible you’re reading.

What is self discipline anyway?

The Greek word for self discipline is sophronismos, the word denotes good judgement, disciplined thought pattern and ability to understand and make right decisions.
Self disciple means acting based on what you think and not how you feel.
Self discipline trains our minds and bodies to do what is right.

How does self discipline help me?

Self discipline prepares me for great things;
If you are faithful in little things then you will be ready for more responsibility and influence.

Self discipline keeps me healthy physically spiritually and emotionally;
Our bodies are constantly fighting for attention, craving more food, more entertainment, more leisure. These cravings always go against the right thing we should do at a particular time, like exercising, reading our bibles and even taking the needed rest. Doing the right things consistently will keep us healthy in areas that matter.

Self discipline increases my focus and productivity;
Lazy people want much but get little but those who work hard will prosper.

Self discipline brings me closer to God and puts me in a better position to hear him;
a spiritually strong life comes with effort, staying close to God requires deliberate action.

Self discipline made me write this article instead of watching TV or browsing the web idly.

How do you think self discipline will help you? Let me know.


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