September 7, 2017 Sarah Omolola

The root word for dejected is “thrown down” I felt dejected today I almost cried in public.
Why is it so hard to get something done in government offices? The people work as if they are doing you a favor when they are actually paid to do what they do. They treat the people they are supposed to serve as a nuisance. They work as if they will rather be doing something else. I was totally disappointed today but that’s a story for another day if I ever get to write it.
My main issue here is how to develop a thick skin to stand up to bullies dressed up as civil servants.
How can I stand up for my rights with dignity and grace?
I was thinking about this on my drive back home and I am yet to find a solution but I hope to soon.
Another question come to mind, is it wrong to feel dejected?


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