My 7kg project II

My 7kg project II
October 4, 2017 Sarah Omolola

1st week 11th to 17th September was great , I tried to keep to plan , I had two ladies that I was accountable to but they seemed not to be as enthusiastic as I was, that affected me a little but I pushed on. When week 1 was over I stood on my scale and guess what? There was no shift{insert loud scream} I was so disappointed that I decided to eat anyhow that day.
2nd week 18th to 24th I couldn’t get out of my downward spiral, I was just eating everything anyhow, especially my beloved peanuts and yam (I bought some delicious tubers of yam like that), when I realized I was falling off fast. I reached out to my coach (I can’t come and undo all my hard work), she so very gracious and encouraging, she put me in another group with more structure so right now I am with a group of very lively ladies and we get to give daily reports online. So I will say week 3 is looking great when it’s over I will post again.
Losing weight is not an easy task at all I must confess, but I am giving it my shot and I am all in.
I want to model a healthy lifestyle to my children and I want to live a long, healthy and fun filled life. Also I want to show others that it’s possible. I also have a feeling that in the process of achieving this I will build my self-control muscle and I will be a more disciplined person in other areas of life.
So I will say I am getting there. I encourage anyone taking up a difficult task. Don’t give up, if you fail dust yourself and get back up. There is no reason to stop there. Keep pushing…


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