Motivation is Temporary

Motivation is Temporary
January 25, 2018 Sarah Omolola

After motivation expires…
Motivation is literally the desire to do things. It is the crucial element in setting and attaining goals,
Motivation is the reason. The very strong reason I want to do something.
I have come to discover that for me motivation usually last 24 hours or less. I see someone achieve something I have desired and I am motivated or I see, hear or realize what I am capable of achieving and I become motivated. While in that state I create lofty goals and I fix a start date, the day finally arrives and I fail to launch, this makes me disappointed, weak, sad and depressed which causes me not to move, which makes me weak sad depressed, which causes me not to move more and the cycle continues until I get to the point where I just give up. There goes the end of a beautiful dream that could have been.
I am used to this scenario but my quest is to find practical ways to get through and actually attain those goals or at least come close.
Let’s face reality, motivation is sweet, it makes me feel everything is achievable, it feels like I am invincible “yes I can”. Motivation is good. Motivations touch our emotions and emotional responses are temporary. But what comes after that response…
What comes after?
While I am motivated I see things happen, I see myself being able to reach the goal of making that money, losing the weight, acquiring the degree and achieving whatever it is I want to achieve. But one thing I don’t put into consideration at that time is the amount of resistance I will experience in trying to achieve that goal. Life is about pushing through resistance. There are a lot of factors that will fight to keep you where you are (I am not talking about village enemies here). I am talking about natural laws like the laws of motion. Newton’s Third Law of Motion states that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.
Resistance is not bad, we build muscles while pushing through resistance.
For me to really go beyond intentions and … It’s important for me to see myself actually doing the work and not just achieving the goal. Doing the work is where we conquer the resistance or at least go through it in the direction of the goal. Let’s say I want to write a book. I might just visualize the finished book and be excited, that okay, but the actual process of writing he book is what makes me a writer. Therefor it is important for me to see myself in the process of writing. See myself researching, gathering information, waking up early or sleeping later, completing paragraphs, breaking through writers block and finishing. It’s important to be aware that there is a process. Life happens in the process. The key to getting past initial motivation is seeing the process and doing it.


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