Day 5

Day 5
May 4, 2018 Sarah Omolola

I think I have missed a day or 2 in my journaling. Today discovered something i am fond of doing-Trying to get maximum results without putting in maximum effort. Especially for things that relate to me. This attitude is not okay, I don’t know where I got it from but I am in the process of ditching it. I know it wont go away suddenly but I will give it a serious whacking. So my goal now is to put my heart into whatever I am doing.
Today has been great so far.
I did heavy lifting and a 3km walk
breakfast: oats, soy milk, banana and pineapple soaked overnight.
Lunch: Basmati rice and vegetable stir fry with a magic ingredient-Iru aka nune or dadawa.
snack: carrots
Dinner: roasted corn 0ne and half small cob
bananas and a cup of sweet potato pottage with ugwu.I experienced massive hunger today.
Overnight oats for breakfast tomorrow has been prepared. I plan to take a 1 hour walk tomorrow morning 6.30am.


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