Day 6

Day 6
May 5, 2018 Sarah Omolola

I have 2 days to complete week 2 of my vegan kickstart and I am beginning to question myself. why not go back to eating meat? The truth is i have no desire for meat, I don’t have cravings for it at all. The reason i am questioning my sef is because I did a sneak weigh in and I saw that have added some grammes. The culprit is sugar!!! Yesterday I stayed awake so long. i cave into sugar cravings. I had nuts, garri and sugar at about 11pm. This definitely impacted my weigh in today.
Today is another opportunity to get it right. I read an article by James Clear on achieving goals. It makes sense to me that apart from having a goal we need to put in our schedule how we intend to accomplish it, we also need to write down what we will do if something goes wrong or if temptation arises. Most times I have a goal it either lingers in my head or I write the goal without a plan of action or I don’t consider the possible hurdles along the way.
Today I will do things differently. So help me God.


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